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This three-pound jelly like substance that sits encased in a skull that sits perched on our shoulders that we call our brain, what does it do,what is it’s design, it’s purpose and function?

This that we call mind, how does that impact the brain and the construct of our personality? What about our interpersonal relationships, can mind-set and the way we communicate enable us to deepen the level of our connections to create more fulfilling and long-lasting connections to enhance and enrich the quality of our lives? What about emotions? How deeply and significantly can emotions impact our communications and performance? What is the design of emotions and how do they exactly impact the learning process?

These are the sort of questions that we find out answers to in the work that we teach at Super Able Mind. It would be of tremendous benefit to the quality of our lives, our dreams and desires, our careers, our relationships to have a deeper understanding of how we have constructed this personality and life.

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No personality, or life, traits or behaviours are set in stone. This is because the human brain is malleable, sculpt-able, re-wirable! This means that we can learn and un-learn, behaviours and thought processes that have become traits of our personality. This means that we can use our mind in such a way that impacts the functionality of the brain.

We do know that stress impacts both learning and performance and our ability to connect deeply and enjoy our relationships. In fact, stress does impact our ability to maintain healthy relationships.

Stress is an experience that has been created from mind-set. When left unchecked and allowed to become our default response, then it impacts brain functionality, our immune system and biology, our energy levels, our sleep patterns, our interpersonal relationships, the quality of our communication and connections and ultimately, our performance across the board in every area of life. We need to move away from the idea that we are managing stress to the more attractive idea of being able to embrace our challenges as opportunities to develop and enhance our skill set and find pleasure and satisfaction in being able to learn and evolve in our lives.

This is a Super Able Mind

Watch a wonderfully inspirational talk given by a client of SAM at our recent Super Able Mind event in London.