SUPER ABLE MIND is a new cognitive training program to help cultivate a superior level of creative and functional mind based on seven unique principles of higher performance. The Innovative program developed by Anastasia Hatzivasilou, life coach, mentor and behavioural analyst, has been running now for over eighteen months and in each case has been shown to develop intellectual ability and reaction speeds that can be applied to all areas of life, business, art and sport.

Project SAM is breaking new ground with the rapid accumulation of information from case studies of various SAM clients; ranging in industry from finance to elite sports, with every single journey leading towards improved performance. To date 144 people from all backgrounds and ages have completed the course. Each of the participants has experienced increased mental endurance,greater focus and concentration, increased speed, accuracy and precision, enhanced intuition, improved problem solving skills and better spatial awareness.

SAM clients have included students as young as nine, executives in banking, sales, recruitment, practitioners of law, health & fitness industry, nursing, as well as entrepreneurs, creatives in media, fashion and television.

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SAM has a definitive goal that is met through the application of what Anastasia calls ‘SAM POP’; her own seven principles of higher performance which help cultivate a superior level of creative and functional mind. Most amazingly, the SAM method has even been shown to demonstrate improvement on a client who had front lobe and cerebellum damage. Anastasia took on this as a case study to see whether the Sam method could work with someone who had seriously impaired cognition. By working with a brain trauma survivor Anastasia has been able to make significant measurable progress. In just six weeks of training the client experienced the same progress and improvement in all five fields of cognition. The Sam Project reflects over twenty years of study, work and application in the area of intelligence, consciousness and wellness. It was created by Anastasia as a way of harnessing and sharing her experiences and knowledge on how leaders of industry, elite sportspeople and those who lead high pressure performance-driven lifestyles use higher thinking and creative capacities to thrive in their various chosen fields.

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