“When I was first introduced to  SAM and through it, Meriel, I had really reached an all time low.  My  relationship with my children had degenerated to me shouting (shrieking) most days, most of the time in fact and feeling utterly desperate, terrible and out of control.

On meeting Meriel for our pre-assessment chat, I immediately felt optimistic and hopeful that things change and I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

I wasn't disappointed, I  can honestly say that Meriel and the SAM technique have changed my thought processes and my  life for the better and will continue to do so, for ever.   After  our first session  I felt calmer, empowered and open to the possibility of a better way to think, act  and be and that has been case with each and every lesson.

The SAM technique is enlightening and through  Meriel's gentle and intuitive approach, it has allowed me to view my mind as something with endless and unlimited possibility - I realise I am not bound by my past or previous behaviours. I am free to choose to be different and respond in new and healthier ways to any and everything!

I would highly  recommend Meriel as a practitioner of SAM  and as a skilled counsellor.   I  found her approachable, non-judgemental and incredibly encouraging.    I am truly  thankful to her and SAM and will be forever grateful.”


“As someone with an extremely traumatic childhood I felt that I was a broken person - I was stuck      with my behaviours and reactions (specifically toward myself and my children) - I thought that despite counselling (grief, hypnosis, CBT) that I was akin to a repaired vase (the crack is always there!).   And no matter what I tried, my patterns and behaviours (reactive and angry) were fixed and impossible to get away from.

However with Meriel as my guide to the world of SAM I've learnt that all of that is rubbish.   SAM has allowed me to see that the mind is utterly reprogrammable.   The brain is malleable and wants to change.   I'm no longer a broken vase.  I am anything I want to be and I have FINALLY let go of my baggage.   I'm now moving forward as a new me that is always refining but with the knowledge that I have changed and that we all can change at any stage or age.

It's totally empowering and freeing - old behaviours are past behaviours - it's not easy but it's totally worth it!”